Lunch Goulash




  1. Set Instant Pot to "saute" and add oil and minced garlic
  2. Once oil heats up, add diced onions and cook until browned
  3. Add protein **(chopped as necessary)** and cook until browned
  4. Add leafy greens **(chopped as necessary)** and cook until wilted
  5. Add canned tomatoes, mixing thoroughly
  6. Add salt, pepper, and other desired spices
  7. Chop tuber into bite sized pieces and add
  8. Rinse lentils/ beans and add
  9. Pour in stock to fill line in Instant Pot
  10. Set Instant Pot to pressure cook and cook until goulash contents are tender
  11. Once done cooking, release pressure in Instant Pot, let cool, and divvy into mason jars
  12. Serve with crusty bread and butter


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