Breakfast Sandwich




  1. Place pan over medium-high heat and drape in mortadella slices as a mound in the pan
  2. While the mortadella fries on one side, add some butter and griddle the roll on the other
  3. Once the roll is done, remove and let cool
  4. Flip the mortadella, rearranging into a bun-sized mound if necessary, and top with a slice of cheese
  5. Spread equal parts mayo and mustard on bottom slice of toasted roll once cool
  6. Once the cheese is melted, transfer the fried mortadella to the roll
  7. Crack and fry egg until desired doneness, seasoning with salt and pepper
  8. Flip egg, add slice of cheese on top, and cover to melt
  9. Transfer egg on top of mortadella, top with other half of roll, and serve immediately


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